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New Shop Info Aota

New Shop Info


🐶 More shops will be selling MOLUYUKA items


Living with my lovely child,
I think sometimes you may feel worried or depressed.
Aota introduces items that can help dogs and their owners feel a little better at times like these.

🐶 Aota's products :
moelani: leg protection items
DENS CRAFT: dog figures;
COCO R: elbow guard clothing;
DeLoreans: a brand by Masaru Anazawa, author of the popular blog "Fujimaru Days"
THE BESS: Half Elizabethan collar with no top
MOLUYUKA: Clothing that is gentle on pets' skin

As of March 2024

🐶Aota 's store location

✨Rakuten Ichiba

Shop Top:


✨Yahoo! Shop

Shop Top:


We have booths at various events, so check out the booth information!

🐶 A word from MOLUYUKA 

MOLUYUKA's pet skin-friendly clothing (Premium Skin Care Series) is now available for purchase on Rakuten Ichiba and Yahoo! Shop.

Although MOLUYUKA's official website and events did not have a point system,
You can use points at Rakuten Ichiba and Yahoo! Shop,
If you are a regular shopper, please use this service.

MOLUYUKA will continue to set up stalls at various events, but Aota will also be setting up stalls at different types of events than MOLUYUKA usually sets up at.

If you are going to an event where MOLUYUKA doesn't usually appear, please be sure to find Aota!