2023 Autum & Winter Collection クラファンのお知らせ

2023 Autumn & Winter Collection Crowdfunding Announcement

Premium Skin Care Series
2023 Autumn & Winter Collection
Crowdfunding announcement✨

We will be conducting a crowdfunding campaign for fall/winter items for 40 days from 12:00 on September 22nd to October 31st!
The rewards include details about the autumn and winter items, so please check out the crowdfunding page!
Even dogs and cats want to wear clothes that are gentle on their skin! - CAMPFIRE (camp-fire.jp)

The crowdfunding rewards include plans for interacting with dogs and cats, as well as plans that can be enjoyed even if you don't have a dog or cat.

We have many plans available in limited quantities, so if there's something you like, please hurry!

Thoughts on crowdfunding

The "Premium Skin Care" series is clothing that protects the skin of dogs and cats. It is important for dogs and cats to be gentle on their skin. Because dogs and cats are members of our family and our partners, we want them to be healthy and not suffer from skin problems. With that thought in mind, we have developed the "Premium Skin Care" series and would like to deliver it to your partners.

We have been working on this project since the spring of 2023. We are very committed to making our products available to all dogs and cats, regardless of their size, and we do not compromise on the variety of sizes available. We also use rare sewing machines (we are particular about the seams) and set strict quality standards.

However, because of this, it was difficult to find a factory that would manufacture MOLUYUKA products. We finally found a factory and proceeded with creating samples, but the price to realize MOLUYUKA's commitment ended up being higher than we had anticipated, and even if we ordered the minimum number, it was an amount that we could not cover on our own.

This "Premium Skin Care" series reflects the voices of many customers and the perspectives of pet owners, and is a product that we hope to deliver with your help, in order to help you create more fun and happy days with your partner dogs and cats.

Please support us in this challenge.

All the MOLUYUKA staff