2022 Autumn Collection販売開始&一般公開

2022 Autumn Collection on sale and open to the public

"Because pets are family members who live with us all the time, I feel embarrassed to wear flashy designs, but I want to casually wear matching items!"

MOLUYUKA was created to meet these needs and is here to support pet owners in all aspects of their lifestyle. Whether it's a regular walk, a trip to a cafe or restaurant, or a special day away from home, MOLUYUKA offers a wide range of fashion items, including town wear and pajamas, that can be worn in a variety of situations.

In response to the owner's request for casually matching items, we have put together a selection of stylish and easy-to-use items, from simple basic items to cool and stylish items.



When it opens to the public, we will send out a press release and announce it on various social media platforms such as Instagram. For more information, please see MOLUYUKA Instagram.
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We will start selling our 2022 Autumn Collection from September, and from now on we will do our best to make more dogs, cats, and owners happy, so we hope you will continue to support us in the future.