MOLUYUKA opens first!

MOLUYUKA, a brand that allows you to match your pet with your outfit, has opened early

Enjoy MOLUYUKA items available only to invited guests.




I feel embarrassed about flashy designs, but I want to wear items that are ``subtle and match my pet''!

We want to fulfill the wishes of pet owners who spend all their time with their pets.



Decorate your cutest pet in the world

We have a wide selection of fashionable and easy-to-use items, from basic to cool.



We also offer a wide range of items to suit the size and type of pet.

We plan to gradually increase the variety of sizes, colors, designs, etc.



We hope to create a brand that offers "casual matching items for pets" to brighten up the doggy and cat-loving daily lives of pets and their owners.

We hope you will continue to patronize us.